Your clients are looking for solutions to their
BIG Financial Questions:

• How can I have the retirement income I need without the worry of running out of money?
• How can I build a financial plan that takes taxes, both now AND IN RETIREMENT, into account?
• How can I safely grow my money without concern for market volatility?
• How can I use my current assets to create wealth without compromising my cash flow?
• How can I live with confidence and peace of mind while also leaving a legacy for those I love?

That’s where the right financial tool comes into play. Most financial advisors and clients are thinking inside the box, and it’s not helping answer their clients’ key questions.

And unlike other FMO’s, we don’t focus on just IUL or just Annuities.

We believe, they are better together. Knowing how and when to use the right tool is a key part of the equation, and that is an important part of the training and tools we offer our TriQuest USA family.

Life Insurance

• Tax- free income
• Long Term Care
• Opportunity Fund
• Legacy Planning


• Guaranteed Lifetime Income
• Long Term Care
• Inflation Risk solution
• Legacy Planning

“Don’t just give your clients’ cookie-cutter strategies that miss the mark on their big concerns. Have the competence and confidence to offer the tailored approach that achieves there needs and meets their goals”.


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Triquest USA is proud to be one of the premier Index Universal Life distribution teams in the country. We train our agents and advisors on how to use IUL effectively and correctly to help themselves and their clients achieve something only 5% of Americans have—financial independence. Financial independence is having enough money to not ever have to worry about it. So why do only 5% of Americans ever achieve that goal? They are following rules of money that were designed not to work. TriQuest USA’s goal is to teach our agents how to inspire their clients to believe financial freedom is possible. We target the right market using the right tools—and we get results.

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