TriQuest University


TriQuest University is our on-demand suite of online courses to help you in every area of your life insurance & annuity business.

Basic IUL Course Curriculum

• Option A & B
• Different Policy Loans
• IUL Premiums
• Loads, Fees and Expenses
• Corridor and Net Amount at Risk
• Guarantee columns


1:1 Calcualtor Course Curriculum

• Account Ability Calculator
• Annual Breakdown Calc
• Mortgage Master Calc
• Alternative Investment Calc
• Qualified Plan vs. IUL
• Compound vs. Amortization Calc
• Historical Indices and Caps and Floors Calc
• IUL Cost Comparison Calc
• IUL Corridor Calc
• CSO Table and Benefits of Assets 
• Private Reserve Calc


Marketing & Operations Course Curriculum

• Mission Statement and Branding
• Business Basics
• Database/CRM Management
• Lead Generators
• Seminars
• Team Operations


The Fundamentals of Money

Featuring Keynote Speaker Don Blanton
October 27-28, 2021
Delta Hotel | Chesapeake, VA


Our in-person training combines the power of engaging and experienced speakers, practical resources to evaluate your business, and networking opportunities with other successful agents.

Our live trainings take what you learned in the fundamental TriQuest University online courses to the next level.

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One-on-One Coaching

You shouldn’t have to take marketing and sales advice from people who aren’t active agents. At TriQuest USA we are not just here to tell you what to do, we are here to actually help you do it.


We provide sound advice, based on experience, of how to grow your database and write more business. In some cases our team can even help you connect a successful client meeting, so you can have confident conversations on your own.

Weekly Professional Development Calls

Each week we deliver high-value training that keeps you informed on changes and strategies you need to keep your business running at a high level.


Our interactive calls allow you to truly understand the product you are selling and gives you an opportunity to sharpen your knowledge on a weekly basis.

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Chart a Better Course Today!

Unlike other FMO’s, TriQuest recognizes that IUL and annuities are better together. Take advantage of our training and support to grow your business today!


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Triquest USA is proud to be one of the premier Index Universal Life distribution teams in the country. We train our agents and advisors on how to use IUL effectively and correctly to help themselves and their clients achieve something only 5% of Americans have—financial independence. Financial independence is having enough money to not ever have to worry about it. So why do only 5% of Americans ever achieve that goal? They are following rules of money that were designed not to work. TriQuest USA’s goal is to teach our agents how to inspire their clients to believe financial freedom is possible.  We target the right market using the right tools—and we get results.

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